Best Wine Coolers

wine coolerWine cooler as the name suggests is used to cool wine in order to make it servable for drinking. Not necessarily meant for aging wine and many of those coolers can reach down to 45-65 Fahrenheit. There are dual zone models with two entirely separate compartments for storing red (65F) and white wines (45F) the perfect temperatures for two different types of wines. 
There are a few aspects one must look for before buying the perfect wine cooler for him/herself.


This lets you decide the things you are looking for in it. Wine coolers available in the market these days have new and improved features enabling users to store both red and white wines at the optimal temperatures for each.


The shape, size and color you are looking for. Wine coolers are available in various shapes and sizes therefore you can also choose the best cooler that will easily set at a fixed place inside your house.

Customer Service

It is also important to look for after-sales service from a store after purchasing your desired wine cooler from it. Unwanted technical issues may arise when you may require assistance from the store in order to fix your brand new wine cooler.

Edgestar CWF340DZ

This Edgestar wine cooler has to offer dual zones for storing red and white wines providing appropriate temperatures for each type. This cooler can store as many bottles as you want with a built-in lock system for preventing young people from gaining access to your well preserved wines. Furthermore, this cooler can provide temperature within 45-64 Fahrenheit enabling a user to store white and red wines in one compartment. It costs $399.99 and holds 34 standard sized bottles with a blue LED control display.

Avanti WCR5404DZD

This wine cooler has a dual compartment too which is 24 inches wide enabling it to contain 50 standard sized bottles of wine. The top compartment allows to cool white wines while the bottom compartment for storing red wine. This is a heavy cooler with a wide base allowing curious little ones to climb on top of it without toppling it over along with built in lock system to ward off children. This can also store large burgundy bottles as well as taller than average sized ones. Avanti is also offering after sales service such as warranty and technicians for installing this cooler. Market price of this cooler is only $825.36.

NewAir AW-321ED

A dual compartment, door, wooden shelves, digital control functions and blue LED display. Both the compartments are of equal capacity allowing one to store 32 bottles of wine however, it cannot store larger burgundy bottles. The price of this unique designed wine cooler is $499.95.

How to Maintain Your Kegerator

kegeratorA kegerator is an exciting addition to your man crib using which you and your friends will have access to plenty of beers while socializing together. There are various types of kegerators available in the market, each designed for suiting one’s personal desires. Even after purchasing a decent kegerator, it is the buyer’s responsibility to properly maintain his kegerator which eventually will add further years to the kegerator, resulting in efficient performance without malfunctioning.

Wiping the Surface

Wiping the surface of your kegerator requires one to use soap and warm water. Turn off your kegerator first including the CO2 tank, and remove the keg. Slowly and gently clean the surface and all the parts attached to it as well as inside where tiny microbes may contaminate your entire kegerator as you will keep using it.


After cleaning, the second step is proper sanitation. In order to carry out this part of maintenance, one requires a faucet wrench which is usually provided with kegerator kit. Using this wrench, individual parts of the kegerator must be disassembled and submerged in a solution of hot water and antiseptic liquid. One must not use bleaching powder for this process and simultaneously remember where the nuts and screws must be attached as you must be able to assemble the parts back to its original places. Use oxidizing cleaning agents such as BLC or Oxyclean or iodine and water can also be used for effective sanitation.


Double check the individual parts of your kegerator where the beer is stored, especially the CO2 tank. There might be excess deposition of liquid beer which is the perfect ground for microbes for manifestation. 
It is important that, soapy water must be supplied through the beer lines first followed by cleaning agent. Finally, clean the lines at least three times with hot water and flush the lines properly in order to prevent yourself from drinking cleaning solution.

Take care of your kegerator at least once a month for enjoying its benefits to the fullest. Without proper maintenance it is highly likely that your kegerator may cause a huge disruption to your party, causing dissatisfaction to your buddies.

If you would like to learn more about mini kegerator visit this website.

Know the True History of Tattoos

half-sleeve-tribal-tattoo-for-menIf there is one sure thing about tattoos, it is that there is nothing contemporary about them. They have been popular for thousands of years, and even though the designs and the process have changed quite a lot since then, the reasons for getting them might still be the same. Throughout the whole world, you can find people with tattoos on their skin, but it is still not clear how long ago they began. Still, the discovery of Otzi the iceman makes us think they might have started as early as the Neolithic period.

Otzi the iceman

Otzi the iceman was found frozen in the Alps in 1991, and he was dated to be not less than 5300 years old. He had 5z tattoos on his body from head to toe most of them positioned on various joints in the body. His tattoos are predicted to have been cuts that were rubbed with charcoal and they consist of lines or dots. Once the cuts healed, he remained with the marks from the charcoal which is how he got his tattoos. Researchers claim that the tattoos were made as acupuncture, which was applied to relieve tender joints; others believe that they were a rite of passage, some ritual markings or simply preference.

Where it all began

Most people have come to the conclusion that tattoos begun in ancient Egypt despite the fact that the name tattoo came from a Tahitian word ‘Tatau’ which means to mark something. The fact that Otzi was not from Egypt might mean that’s not where it all began. Researches have also found evidence of early tattoos in Alaska, Peru and New Zealand. This means that it was started in various parts of the world with every culture having their own reasons for doing it.

Tribal tattoo history

Tribal tattoos are the most popular tattoos to date and most tribes in ancient times used them to distinguish each tribe so that they would tell people from a certain tribe. The designs and locations of the tattoos would tell the status of the member in the tribe. Most of the time, men would have tattoos showing accomplished warrior feats and women tattoos showed that they were of age and once they got married they would get another one to show they have already been taken.


Tattoos might have become very common as the years go by but, there are many people that consider them as taboo because for some time they have been associated with criminals and rebels. Still, a lot of people have embraced the art and many people are learning and perfecting it as a profession. Tattoos are a great way to express one’s self and a good way to showcase talent.